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Heath was born in central west region of Australia beginning his career in the sixties with R&B and Pop, specializing in 12 string guitar. Influenced by artists such as Gordon Lightfoot, Jim Croce, Kevin Johnson, Buddy Holly and Ross Ryan, he played with multiple bands before going solo. He began composing in 1980 without making any commercial recordings.

After entering original songs into Australia’s Chesterfield Starmaker Awards in 1983 and finalizing as the only solo artist within the top five acts, he was invited to go to Japan representing Australia in a succession of Australian festivals. This included five months performing and representing Australia at the Tsukuba Science Expo. he recorded his first overseas commercial original song at the Japan Nippon Columbia Studios, performing and composing in Japan over an extended 18 year stay.

Returning to Australia in 2001, he re-entered the Australian music scene in 2010, winning several awards for his compositions, including an original Traditional Heritage single, “Back To Lansdowne”.

In early 2013 Heath became an active radio presenter on Community Radio, creating his called “Around The Delta” which he continues to the present day.

Australian made Maton Acoustic/Electric 12 String guitar is Heath’s personal instrument of choice.

He recorded his first commercial composition in Australia called “Looking Through The Eyes of a Child”. Entering this song into the Australian Songwriters Awards in Sydney, it achieved top 30 in 4 categories, the next year achieving top 30 status in 5 categories, also reaching the semi-finals of the Tamworth Songwriters Association Awards at Tamworth.

Heath now resides on the mid north coast of eastern Australia and is currently preparing his web site “The Treble Clef Music” for launch late in mid 2022.

Heath goes live over internet in late 2022 to release his all original material with an introductory single and an all original EP to follow later in 2022. An album is planned for mid 2023.

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